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2 DJs, 2 Dads, 1 Vision. Diggy The Dj and Rynecologist met in the Toronto DJ scene where both have maintained long lasting, celebrated careers. As parents, late nights and early mornings are commonplace. Their love and passion for music and art is only eclipsed by the love for their families. The two entrepreneurs are constantly seeking new creative endeavours and teamed up to create ABCDJ, a book which serves as an ode to the DJ culture and community. This is not your average alphabet book! The thoughtfully curated and detailed illustration book is a visually griping art piece, insightful coffee table book and must have collector’s item for music lovers of all ages. We understand the positive influence music has on the world as a whole, and will be donating proceeds from every sale to the Regent Park School of Music.

A Guide To DJ Life & Culture. An illustrated alphabet board book, each letter containing imagery representing all aspects of music, community and the Dj art form. This unique collector’s item is an essential for music lovers of all ages.